Me right now.

September 10th, 2015

It sucks when you feel so insecure of your own abilities. I know I am a good writer but then I see others like me and I question myself whether I am on the right path or am I just wasting my time writing when I am not really that good?!?

As you might have guessed, I am not too happy with myself right now. I am questioning my writing skills. I am second-guessing myself and I know it’s not a healthy way to improve myself.



Still single… better life.

September 9th, 2015


I’m turned 37 last August 3rd. I am not one of those individuals out there who are always lamenting the fact that they are aging by the day. Truth be told, I am grateful for every year added to my life. I know that not everyone gets the privilege of being old. Some die young. So, I know the value of every single day added to my life.


I am still single. I am not actively seeking someone to share my life with but I am not closing my doors to the possibility of growing old with someone. But a big part of me is already resigned to the fact of growing old alone. Should that happen, I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. I’d welcome it with open arms, an old age of single blessedness. It would be totally okay with it.

What is my goal for this year? A better life, especially financially. It has deteriorated over the past two years and I want to go back to those bountiful years when I was still beginning to work from home. I don’t have concrete steps on how to be back on that level of stability financially but I will be there. That’s a promise I am making myself.

I am so looking forward to my 38th. I plan to throw a party then.

A rant and wish on friendships.

June 22nd, 2015

bad-dayLet me tell you something about friendship and money… they are like water and oil. They don’t mix well and, most of the time, one destroys another. Which is too bad because it doesn’t have to happen.

I’ve been in this same situation in the past. In a rut over finances and, believing that friends would help me out, went to them seeking a loan. One after another turned me down over reasons I knew, and they knew I knew, were made up so as not to hurt my feelings. In other words, they didn’t want to lend me some money so they made up reasons which would seem valid to me. I knew better, of course. I wasn’t, and still am, not stupid.

Of course, I didn’t, and still don’t, have any right to get mad at them. I was the one borrowing and they have the prerogative to turn me down. But not being angry doesn’t mean that I didn’t/don’t get hurt over it. What kind of friend would not bail you out of a dire situation when he/she has something to spare. Right? Again, their prerogative, not mine.

You know what hurts me the most when being turned down? Remembering the times I helped them out without asking for anything in return! They know that. This one person whom I consider a really good friend probably forgot how she told me about her savings. But whenever she felt like I would be asking for help, she would lament about the fact that she was neck deep in debt. Maybe, she is. Still hurts to know you have a friend who wouldn’t help you out especially in an emergency.

I know that when I am in their boat and a good friend of mine is in a deep rut over money, I would extend help in any way I can. I may not have enough to spare to constitute a loan but I won’t bullshit my friend over some lame excuse and then try to pass him/her onto the next available friend I can think of. I will never do that to a good friend of mine.

I guess, I wasn’t a good friend to them.

best friendsThere are days when I would question myself over choices I made in the past. Why them? Why not those people who are ready to lend a helping hand even when you are not asking for it? Why not those people who don’t need to know every single thing happening in your life but would be there for you in a blink of an eye?!

I remember this scenario in the past. Someone borrowed money. The borrower was in deep shit that time, in between jobs and was the sole breadwinner of the family. The lender was doing well in his job. He got a windfall of some kind that was just icing on the cake over what he was earning then. Do you know how much he lent his friend? Change. It was given like the lender did a HUGE favor to the borrower and that the latter should be grateful the former spared him that money. It was meant to buy stuff for gym. The lender also proceeded to tell others about the loan.

I don’t really blame the lender because it was his money he lent and it was out of the ‘goodness’ of his heart that he did it. But I would like to think that since he knew the borrower’s situation, maybe, out of kindness, he could extended more help. Anyway, the borrower had every intention of paying him back. And he did.

Some people don’t understand how embarrassing it is for a person to ask someone for a loan. Even if it’s from a family member, it is still embarrassing. A good heart dictates that when you know someone you care for is in deep shit, and you have more than enough to spare, help out. It doesn’t have to be in the form of cash. It could be in any other form of help. Like if the person in trouble is in between jobs, ask other people you know about job vacancies he/she can apply at. Or if you are really not in any capacity to help, say a prayer for the person. Talk to him/her. It would mean a lot.

You know how hurtful it is to see friends online in Facebook all the time but wouldn’t even say hi?! They don’t even know when you are in a rut because they don’t know you anymore. It hurts! A LOT! I wish I have more friends like Jhing who would say hi at least once a day, private message me an inspiring quote when she sees something she felt like I could relate to, and would voluntarily send something when a loved one passed away even though she was also in dire need of money that time.

Maybe, I should be grateful I have at least one friend like her. Oh, there’s also Anna and May. Except I am thinking of the others I am closer to…

Step By Step Guide To Convert Itunes Videos

May 23rd, 2015

itunes converter

The most annoying problem with iDevices is that it does not play other video formats and supports the specific iTunes video format. If you at all want to play your favorite video on your iDevice, you will have to convert it and that is not possible for all video converters available in the market. Itunes converters are special and are provided by professional media converter companies. The availability becomes scares when you are looking for software for windows. If you are facing the same problem, you can try Movavi Video Converter for Windows which is easy to download and use. It will convert your general videos to iTunes videos and will help you upload those videos to your iTunes storage. Check out how!

Step By Step Guide To Convert Itunes Videos

  • The first thing you need to do is to download the video converter from the website of Movavi. Just one click is required to make the download. It is completely hassle-free.
  • Once you download the software, it’s time to launch it. You will get directions on screen and you will just need to follow them in order to complete the process of installation.
  • Once the download is completed, you need to open the software. It will have an option to add video. Just click on it and add videos from your computer to the software. In case, you want to add videos from your DVD, click on the add DVD option. You can easily add the videos that are present on your DVD to upload them in your iTunes storage.
  • Next is to choose the output option from the bottom. There is apple listing in the option. Choose that option and expand it. You can then choose the model of your device. The video will be converted to MP4 format suitable for Apple. However, the parameters will vary according to the device that you choose. The user need not worry about the parameters as everything is set in the software.
  • Once you choose the device, you need to choose the destination of the converted videos. Just check the ‘add to iTunes’ box and click on convert. The time requirement will vary according to the size of the video. However, the software from Movavi is really fast and it is not going to take much time.
  • There are so many other things that you can do with the Movavi video converter for windows. You can resize the existing video and convert video for online streaming. There are other formats available for conversion too.

While looking for an iTunes converter, you have to keep the system requirement in mind. The system requirements are easy to achieve. You will have to check out the website, in order to get the details. It is not going to take much space on your device and will not be hampering the functioning of any of the other software that you have on your system. Don’t miss the lucrative deals that the company has to offer.

Is this the end of the line?!?

April 7th, 2015

This sadness has been hovering over my head for the past couple of months now. If I haven’t been denying it to myself, I would have admitted to myself and everyone else that what I know of blogging in the past eight years has been dying a slow death. Right before my very eyes. Blogging started as an outlet for me, a stress buster. Money issues plagued me repetitively in the past and blogging became a refuge of some sort to me, talking to people I felt very close to but who were, in fact, total strangers living in far away places. It became an escape from reality. Blogging is therapeutic in such a way that you can tell the whole world your innermost thoughts, rant and rave all you want, while remaining anonymous to majority of your readers. It became a lifestyle for me and my number one source of income.

Unfortunately, the big G of the world wide web deemed the small bloggers like me a threat to their billion-dollar business. Ranks were decimated, even those not involved in link selling. Advertisers and marketing people were advised, threatened most likely, to stopped dealing with bloggers. With business down, another hit came out of nowhere. Recession. I thought blogging would end right then and there but the Lord is good. Those who remained loyal to blogging were able to rise above the hits that came left and right. Blogging was not as good as it once was but some of the good remained.

These past year and a half now, blogging has been showing signs of a steady decline. I think there are still great opportunities out there but the ratio of an opportunity to the number of bloggers competing for it is staggering that the odds of you getting that opportunity is close to nil. I still get a few good offers here and there but not as many as I used to get. Don’t get me wrong, I am still just as grateful as when I was earning so much from blogging. I am just stating facts and reporting on what’s happening right now in the paid blogging world and the impact it has on me.

With that said, I am wondering if this is the end of the line for me in paid blogging. I am wondering if I finally have to say goodbye to it and move on to something new or go back to accounting and the corporate world. Truth is I have come to love blogging so much already that I thought I could do this for years and years to come. Maybe, I can. But the odds of earning as much as I used to is not that good anymore and I can’t afford to have a really low income with all these plans I want done.

Desperate to relocate.

March 16th, 2015

Yes, you read it right. I am desperate to relocate! My whole family is anxious to pack our bags and move out of the house that we are currently living in. We want to move into a brand new house in a quiet, peaceful and safe neighborhood. I can already see myself ordering cabinet organizers. I want a bigger kitchen with the best gadgets available for cooking. I also want an outdoor dining area for family and friends, a big living room where we can all converge at the end of a work day, and bedrooms conducive to rest.

I just want to relocate as soon as possible. The place we are currently located is no longer a haven to us like it used to. There are so many strangers and so many threats to our sanity. I just wish we can find the resources to finally make the move we’ve wanted to do for more than a year now.

Happy birthday, Tukayo!

February 23rd, 2015

holding onI know today you turned 37. I am sure you had a birthday celebration with your family and close friends. I would have been there except that we’re no longer friends. We stopped being friends more than a decade ago. In fact, we stopped speaking to each other since then.

We used to be the best of friends. You used to be the person with whom I could tell almost anything. You were the one I could talk to for hours and hours and still feel like we had so many things we haven’t talked about yet. Anything and everything under the sun. We liked the same songs. We were both bookworms (I am sure you still are)! And we have the same taste in men. Older, wiser, and much like the guys in the romance novels we’ve read.

I miss you, Tukayo! One of my biggest regrets in life was my inability to patch things up between us. But I guess, no matter what I did then, we would still end up like this. No longer friends. Not even acquaintances anymore.

I believe that whatever role you had to play in my life ended that day. And vice versa.

Happy birthday! I still wish you all the best in life.